Jason Ng is not only an entrepreneur but an inventor, a loving husband and father, a filial son and a good friend of many. He is the man behind the pastries and bread scene in Singapore!

Coming from a family who sold traditional Chinese pastries as their main business, Jason established BAKER’S OVEN PATISERRIES in 1996 as a small factory in Woodlands. Without any background in baking or manufacturing, fueled only by ambition and sheer determination, he started as a one-man show – kneading his own dough, baking the pastries and cakes, packing and delivering the products to his customers. Sleepless nights were spent in relentless pursuit of his ambition to give the best tasting bakery products without compromising quality and freshness. In 2000, he started producing frozen dough, a first in Singapore.

Apart from BAKER’S OVEN PATISERRIES, the Ng family is also behind the Ng Kim Lee brand, a Chinese bakery which boasts of handmade and traditional baked products and pastries.

After fourteen years of operations, thousands of tasty baked products served and numerous business partnerships forged, BAKER’S OVEN PATISSERIES has grown to be one of the most successful and most innovative players in Singapore’s bakery industry. All thanks to the vision of an enterprising young man who did not give up on his dreams to provide for his family and give back to the community.